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Respite Care

elderly and a home care nurseWhen grandma was getting too old to prepare her own meals or when mom started to lose her independence to illness, did you step up to be the caregiver? If you did, you have nothing but our respect. As your family’s caregiver, nobody can question the love you have but sometimes, you may need to take a break to avoid caregiver burn out.

If you’re worried about who takes over your tasks, call VL Home Health Care, Inc. and we will provide you with qualified staff to relieve you of your duties. Respite Care allows family caregivers like yourself to get enough sleep, to go on vacation or run those important errands that you can’t entrust to anyone else.

For respite care arrangements, please call 703-533-1193. We would love to tell you more about the benefits of this service and how it can improve your own quality of life as the caregiver.

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